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Please take time to look around and read up in all the latest technioques we practice today in cosmetic surgery.  Our range of services include vaser lipo , breast enhancement and skin tightening. It is part of our support to you our client, that we offer a full telephone information line so you can discuss the particular treatment you are considering. Speaking directly has the advantage of allaying fears and answering questions quickly so that you have a fuller understanding of what is involved . We would be very happy to hear from you

About Vaser liposuction

Liposuction is a well established procedure for removing body fat. It is applied on various parts of the body which tend to acculumate stubborn fat, not easily removed by standard methods such as exercise. Because it is successful, it has proven very popular over the years. The technique has greatly improved and is much more comfortable today than before.
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These techniques are practiced across the world including this typical London, England clinic.
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Fat Removal/Reduction

Want to remove stubborn fat from your body, but do not want to have to undergo surgery? A fat removal procedure at Dr. Frank’s office can do just that. With his innovative, laser-assisted techniques- including SmartLipo, VASER, Cool Sculpting, and Liposonix- our doctor will help you get the body you want with no signs of scarring and no incisions involved. In this way, your body will be able to naturally cleanse itself of unwanted fat in a non-invasive process and in areas that exercise and proper dieting have been unsuccessful at targeting. With the help of Dr. Frank’s modernized technology and unmatched expertise, you will be able to enjoy your regular daily activities with no consideration for recovery or downtime- watching your fat melt away while you continue your normal routine.

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SmartLipo is considered among the fastest routes to fat removal. Using laser technology, our doctor will essentially “melt away” fat concentrated in areas that you have always wanted to get rid of. Some of the fat will be removed at the time of the procedure and the remainder will gradually dissipate over the course of the next three months.

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The sophisticated technology behind VASER allows our doctor to target unwanted fat in the most accurate and precise way possible. The system promotes the break down of fat cells in the body, making it easier to flush them out of places like your waistline, thighs, or arms. A VASER treatment by our doctor is guaranteed to make your friends and family notice a significant slimming down in your appearance.

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Our doctor is proud to offer clinically tested techniques to fat removal through the remarkable Cool Sculpting system. He has successfully helped hundreds of patients achieve the body of their dreams, freezing unwanted fat cells with no harm to surrounding, healthy skin cells.

After just a single treatment at Dr. Frank’s office, you will notice visible results that will even further materialize as the months go on.

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Want the results of a liposuction, but without the surgery and risks involved? A Liposonix treatment by our doctor will do just that. Together with our doctor, you will be able to build your ideal body image and attain it through Liposonix.

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Skin Tightening

Sometimes, the hassle of weight loss does not end even after you shed the pounds. Lost elasticity in the skin can make patients appear more aged and the resulting, sagging skin can distract attention from your body. Through skin tightening, our doctor takes the focus off extra skin around your arms, hips, thighs, back, and facial wrinkles, and instead draws the attention to your new youthful, revived appearance. Our doctor is highly trained and specialized in the process of skin tightening and his unique background and experience in the field will leave you to enjoy immediate results with no recovery period. We offer a variety of non-invasive treatments for skin tightening, like Pellevé, Thermage, and Ultherapy. Each of these advanced systems is guaranteed to revive the look of the your skin, removing extraneous skin and gently smoothening wrinkles in the face.


Pellevé is most recommended by our doctor for patients hoping to reverse signs of facial wrinkling. In less than one hour and using the innovative heating system, our doctor is able to carefully tighten skin that appears loose, with no need for anesthesia or downtime.


Our doctor uses the radiofrequency technology of Thermage to tighten skin in both the face and around the body. Lost elasticity in the skin can make patients lose their revived, youthful appearance- a look that our doctor can effectively recover using Thermage.


Ultherapy allows our doctor to accurately lift loose and sagging skin in the patient’s face, neck and chest. Using the developed mechanisms behind Ultherapy, our doctor will give you equivalent results of a facelift procedure without the surgery and possible complications

Cellulite Removal

Do not let unsightly cellulite detract from your appearance. Dr. Frank has been successfully ridding patients of dimpled cellulite around their bodies for over a decade through a process called cellulite removal, and you could be next. Using non-surgical techniques and the most highly developed technology of either Thermage, Liposonix, or VaserSmooth, Dr. Frank will eliminate and smoothen skin marked by cellulite on your hips, thighs, and buttock. Cellulite removal is ideal for patients who are afraid of surgery or who are seeking a less-invasive treatment, as the process involves no injections or extractions. Dr. Frank’s refined techniques and up-to-date technology will resume and revitalize collagen production in your body and will leave you with the most natural results possible.

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Thermage is perfect for patients who want the effects of cellulite removal, but who do not have the time or patience to sit through the recovery process. The treatment is exclusively performed by our doctor and serves to tighten skin that appears rippled with cellulite.


The Liposonix system is dependent solely on ultrasound technology, keeping all surrounding skin cells in-tact and removing all surgical risks from the procedure. Our doctor takes pride in being able erase any embarrassment caused by cellulite and boost his patients’ self-confidence using Liposonix. And, because of the highly developed technology and its versatility nature, he can customize and individualize treatment on a patient-to-patient basis.

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Our doctor has vast experience using VaserSmooth, and has successfully been using it as a substitute for liposuction for many years. The technology is remarkable in its ability to deteriorate the body’s fatty tissue in a quick but gentle manner. Using VaserSmooth, our doctor will smoothen and even your skin with a decreased risk of nerve damaged and with no downtime required.

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Stretch Marks

We understand that stretch marks can lower a patient’s willingness to show certain areas of their skin and to feel fully comfortable in their body. It is for this reason that our doctor offers and specializes in both Fraxel and Vbeam technology to help his patients eliminate their possible embarrassment. Striae, or stretch marks, are caused by over-stretching or tearing of the skin, typically formed after a patient has either lost or gained a significant amount of weight. Our doctor has been reversing the signs of stretch mark scarring for years, and is among the top cosmetic dermatologists in the field. In just about half an hour, Dr. Frank’s treatment will immediately lighten the dark red lines formed by stretch marks. And, because no downtime is required, you will be able to leave his office and return straight to work.

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Using the Fraxel laser beam technology, our doctor targets and smoothens stretch marks as painlessly and effectively as possible. In essence, the treatment is directed to replace the scarred and damaged skin with fresh, smooth skin. A Fraxel treatment performed by our doctor is guaranteed to yield permanent results that appear both immediately and gradually, so you will never have to worry about stretch marks again.


Our doctor often encourages patients to choose VBeam as a safe yet effective form of stretch mark removal. In just a single visit, you will notice drastic results that will progress as your natural collagen growth is re-stimulated. Our doctor is renowned in NYC to be one of the only dermatologists to use Vbeam, and he has since used the revolutionary technology to treat patients with differing severities.