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The general understanding of dermatology is is for people with skin problems. However, It does cover a large range of complaints such as
disorders, diseases and includes cancer.

The methods used to treat conditiosn are:
Cosmetic surgery and laser therapy and radiotherapy, where necessary.
Unpleasant though these may seem, minor ailments include warts, fungus and dermatitis.
Training in the subject takes several years before a practitioner is qualified to treat you.
As with so many other threpies there are both private and public health alternatives.
As cometic surgery has developed so has the number of people choosing to go to a private clinic.

The topics that cosmetic deramtologists treat successfully are:
Liposuciton, blepharoplasy. Of course the biggest request from clients is for facelifts.
Extra solutions are provided by the use of laser in resurfacing damaged skin
So many clinic visits are of clients seeking relief from acne scarring and wrinkles.
Other smalleer ailments, such as age spotting and acne scarring have been very successfuly dealt with many cases today.



Dr Ian Guava

Dr. Ian Guava



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