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Cellulite Treatments in New York

VASERsmooth procedure - Before and After
Before and After VASERsmooth

Cellulite is a very common skin imperfection that plagues many Americans. A condition that causes the dimpling and puckering of the skin, cellulite can be caused by a multitude of factors. Cellulite also unfortunately affects people of all shapes and sizes; though weight may be a contributing factor, even slim and athletic people can form cellulite. Cellulite forms when irregular fat cells protrude through the network of connective tissues, known as septae, deep within the skin. Because the true cause of cellulite is not superficial or on the skin’s surface, it is difficult to treat with over the counter or at-home treatments. New cosmetic technologies now allow for safe and effective treatment of cellulite in our doctor’s New York office using Thermage, Liposonix and VaserSmooth.

A non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, Thermage utilizes heat energy to treat cellulite. A special treatment tip delivers targeted amounts of heat to the sub-dermal and fatty layers of the skin, where the connective tissues are. The heat energy will cause the septae to tighten and firm up, while spurring the growth of new collagen. Thermage also increases blood circulation in the treatment areas, which increases skin health. By focusing treatment deep within the skin, the end result of a Thermage treatment is a more even, smooth appearance after just a single non-invasive treatment that does not require any anesthesia.

Liposonix is another non-surgical treatment method that instead uses focused ultrasound energy to disrupt fat cells. Originally developed as a targeted fat removal treatment, Liposonix is now also reliably used to smooth out cellulite. This non-invasive treatment sends ultrasound energy to the fatty layers of the skin, and permanently destroys fat cells while leaving other healthy tissue, nerves, and blood vessels untouched. These liquefied fat cells are then naturally disposed of by the body without the need for any surgery or extraction. By lessening the amount of fat cells that can bulge up through the connective tissue to cause a lumpy and dimpled surface, Liposonix can not only reduce up to an inch of fat in the treatment area, but also smooth out the surface of the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

VaserSmooth is a more aggressive treatment that couples ultrasound energy with surgical probes for even more effective treatment. Performed under local, not general, anesthesia, Vaser Smooth introduces a special ultrasound probe through tiny incisions into the sub-dermal layers. This probe will use ultrasound energy to harmlessly cut through the bands that are pulling on the surface of the skin and causing cellulite. Then, the energy will be used to destroy excess fat, and the fat will be extracted. This minimally invasive procedure actively targets to remove the underlying causes of cellulite, and is very effective.

If you are interested in learning more about cellulite treatments, please contact us for a consultation with our doctor today. Our doctor is one of the leading dermatologists in New York, and our Manhattan office is convenient to most in the NYC area. Come see how we can help you attain smooth, touchable skin!

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