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Manhattan Liposonix FAQs

What does Liposonix treat?

Liposonix is a non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound technology to aid in fat removal. As a non-surgical solution to fat reduction, it is most often used to improve the waistline area, including tummy pooch and love handles. Our Doctor, a New York-board certified dermatologic surgeon and expert at minimally-invasive fat removal techniques, offers Liposonix as part of his comprehensive body sculpting practice in NYC.

How does Liposonix work?

High-intensity ultrasound energy is delivered to the fatty tissue in the treatment area, resulting in the targeted destruction of fat cells. Because the ultrasound energy only affects the fat, other healthy skin tissues are not damaged. After the fat is destroyed, the body begins to cleanse itself of the fatty waste material. By activating the body to help in the elimination of fat, the treatment gives natural-looking results over a period of time.

How many treatments will I need?

A single session of Liposonix is usually very effective, leading to an average loss of one inch around the waistline. Because it does not usually require multiple treatments, it can be more convenient and economical than other fat reduction procedures. However, individuals are different, so may require more than one visit. The duration of the procedure may vary, but the average session (for love handles, for example) can be completed in about an hour.

Does the treatment hurt?

During the Liposonix procedure, patients may have some minor discomfort, such as cold and tingling sensations or warmth. Our doctor closely monitors your comfort levels and can give medication if necessary.

What can I expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment, you may have some mild discomfort; it is temporary and subsides quickly. Typically, the slimming results are seen gradually, over the next 8-12 weeks, as the body eliminates the dissolved fat and takes on a more contoured shape.

What are the risks and side effects of Liposonix treatment?

Liposonix does not present any significant risks and recovery time is minimal. Some bruising, redness and swelling may occur, but such side effects are minor and temporary. If necessary, our doctor can prescribe medication to alleviate any pain that may arise after treatment.

Can Liposonix be done in conjunction with another fat reduction treatment?

Treatments such as Liposonix can be used as a complement to liposuction surgery, depending on the condition and goals of the individual. Our doctor often uses multiple techniques to tailor a treatment plan to suit the patient. If diet and exercise cannot reduce your waistline, Liposonix may be a good choice. For a complete consultation and review of your body sculpting options, contact our doctor at the 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center in Manhattan, the leading fat reduction treatment center in the New York area.

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