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Stretch Mark Treatments

Our skin is amazingly resilient. Unfortunately, a rapid body change, such as pregnancy, excessive weight gain, or growth spurt, can leave its mark on the skin - quite literally.

Stretch marks, or striae, are the thin streaks or lines that develop on the skin’s surface when the skin stretched beyond its elastic capacity. When a part of the body grows in short amount of time, the fibers in the middle layer of skin, or the dermis, can break and cause small tears in the tissue. These tears can reveal blood vessels in the deeper skin layers, resulting in pink, red, or purple lines on the skin’s surface. Eventually, as the blood vessels contract, the discoloration will fade and the streaks may look similar to a scar.

Although stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, they most likely arise in places with larger fat deposits, such as the abdomen, buttocks, breasts and thighs. In general, these blemishes - which can affect both men and women - become less noticeable over time. But if you have conspicuous stretch marks that are affecting your self-image, you may want to consider cosmetic treatment help diminish these common skin imperfections. Fortunately, there are sophisticated technologies available that can dramatically reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

Our Doctor, a leading New York-based cosmetic surgeon, specializes in a combination laser treatment that can effectively smooth out the flaws in your skin. By using two cutting-edge laser technologies, the Fraxel Laser and VBeam Laser, in a single treatment he can maximize results, while minimizing recovery time.

Fraxel® Laser

In the first phase of treatment, the Fraxel® - an innovative laser technology that is highly effective in targeting specific problem areas - is used to initiate erasing the skin irregularities caused by over-stretched skin. The Fraxel® uses fractional lasers. As the name implies, fractional lasers only reach certain areas of tissue, which helps the reduce risk and downtime of less precise, conventional lasers. When the light energy from the fractional lasers penetrates the top layer of the skin, it stimulates production of collagen, thereby prompting the body to begin a natural resurfacing process. After the procedure, the treated skin will be more even, but is commonly slightly red.

VBeam Laser

In the second phase of treatment, our doctor focuses on addressing the redness of the skin. First, cryogen, a cooling liquid, is sprayed on treatment area to protect the skin and keep the patient comfortable. Using the VBeam laser, our doctor directs pulses of light energy at the blood vessels, which alleviates the red pigmentation. During the procedure, patients may feel a heating sensation due to the transfer of thermal energy.

After procedure, most patients can immediately return to their daily routines. Because this combination laser treatment is a non-ablativeprocedure (which simply means that the surface of the skin is not burned off) the risks and downtime are minimal. Depending on the extent of patient’s stretch marks, more than one treatment may be necessary. Contact us to schedule a consultation at our doctor’s NYC center to learn more about which laser treatments can help erase your stretch marks!

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